Our journey

Over 20 years experience and growth

Founded by Tom Bores and Tamara Cox in 2019, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your life dreams.  Life is hard enough, we don’t want anyone to continue a path of unfulfilled work instead of walking a path of passion and purpose.  This is who we are.

Tom has been a certified life coach for over 8 years.  His background includes life coaching, training and helping others to develop and grow to be able to reach their full potential. He brings a multitude of knowledge and passion to Mosaix Coaching.  His specialties are in transformational and relational life coaching. 

Certified in:

Happiness Life Coaching

Transformation Life Coaching

Life Purpose Life Coaching

Goal Success Life Coaching


Tamara has over 10 years of experience coaching others to life fulfillment through her work as a non-denominational pastor and life coach.  Her background is in training, spiritual guidance, and helping others understand each other so they can co-exist in a healthy, fulfilled relationship.  Her specialties are in spiritual and life story coaching.  


Certified in:

How to Rewrite your Life Story Coaching

Life coaching classes and one on one services

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online Programs

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Amazing Results

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